Podcast Idea: Mmm...Peach!

The only podcast that's not about the impeachment.

Description: Right now there are approximately 2,384 podcasts about impeachment. At this rate, every podcast will soon be about impeachment. How can you keep up? Will this set of white guys finally deliver the definitive take? Your head is spinning, and out of the sunset, rides your savior: the only podcast that is not about the impeachment. On Mmm… Peach! each episodes gently and swiftly informs you about a different element of peach consumption, cultivation, and everything in between. In just a few minutes, once a week, you will learn all you need to know about the incredible Prunus persica. The only thing we won’t discuss, is the goddamn impeachment trial. If peaches are ever mentioned during the trial, this podcast will self destruct.

Host: T.H. Ponders*

Executive Producer: T.H. Ponders ** (please note they have already snagged the Twitter handle)

Comps: All the Animals meets Spilled Milk

Sample Episode 1: Did you know that peaches originally come from Northwest China? On this episode we will provide a (brief) history of these tasty orbs.

Sample Episode 2: Why is Georgia called “The Peach State?” By the end of this episode, you’ll know the answer.

Sample Episode 3: Did you know that nectarines are like peach X-men? They’re the result of a genetic mutation that produces peaches without fuzz. Wow.

Audience: People who are exhausted by the impeachment news. Isn’t it amazing how something can be historic and incredibly important, while simultaneously feeling so dry it’s soul crushing?

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