Podcast Idea: Just Following Up

A podcast gently reminding you to respond to the fucking email... thanks!

Description: Every Tuesday and Friday afternoons I have about an hour blocked off in my calendar called “Just checking in!!!!” in which I follow up on all the emails I’m still waiting for a reply to. Pitches, business inquiries, interview scheduling, whatever it is that needs a light nudge. As my “just following up on this” emails mount with no reply, so does my sense of frustration. I’m sure you know the feeling. Even a “no thanks!” is better than silence! Just… reply!!!! PLEASE!!! On this show, you get to take your increasingly passive agressive “hey just wanted to pop in and check on this” emails to a new format. Call in and leave your messages for your non-responsive bosses, editors, coworkers, and get it off your chest! You can send a voice memo to heyjustfollowingup@gmail.com or call and leave a voicemail at (347) 927-1425. The more specific the message the better! Each episode we play a handful of messages and hopefully your boss is a listener.

Host: None this is a non-narrated show made up of only voicemails from real people who just want a reply please for the love of god?????*

Executive Producer: Rose Eveleth**

Comps: This is a very silly idea so… not really. If I had a tech variety show that needed segments I might do this as a recurring joke.

Sample Episode 1: Hi Karen, just following up on this pitch. It’s a timely story, so if you’re not interested please let me know so I can take it elsewhere. As a freelancer my income relies on people responding to me so I can write words that get published for money to buy food and pay rent. Every minute you spend not replying literally costs me money. Hope you’re having a great day! Wash your hands!!

Sample Episode 2: Hey Mike, just wanted to check in on this. Last we spoke there seemed to be a sense of urgency from your team to get these numbers. I stayed at the office until 10pm to get them done, and haven’t heard from you in a week and a half. Can you confirm you got them at least? Or has the plan changed? Literally any information would be useful. As you know, all the stores shut down in this neighborhood at 8pm so the night I stayed late to do this I had to steal chips from Michelle’s snack drawer so I wouldn’t pass out and then hide the evidence so she wouldn’t scream at me. Hope you’re having a great week! See you at the all hands tomorrow hopefully?

Audience: Frustrated office workers everywhere.

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* Hosts and guests have not signed on in any way. I’m making stuff up here!

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