Podcast Idea: Double Exposure

A podcast about movies that are just like other movies.

Description: Remember when Antz and A Bug’s Life came out in the same year? Or when Dante’s Peak and Inferno both pictured a big scary volcano’s impacts in the same year? This happens a lot, weirdly, and the list of twin movies is long. Mission to Mars and The Red Planet, No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits, The Illusionist and The Prestige. And of course, when two movies go head to head, there must be a winner, which in the case of this podcast will be determined by Christina Warren and Sir Rantsalot, who already talked about this podcast on Twitter and who should make it. This newsletter is really just to provide a logo and some encouragement.

Hosts: Christina Warren and Sir Rantsalot (who talked about this on Twitter and this is a loving fan-newsletter to the idea)*

Executive Producers: Christina Warren, Sir Rantsalot and Steve Wilson**

Comps: The Flop House meets Song vs Song

Sample Episode 1: Deep Impact vs Armageddon — one has Aerosmith, the other doesn’t, that’s really all you need to know. Or is it!? Listen to the episode to find out.

Sample Episode 2: Gordy vs Babe — who’s ready for some pig on pig action? Which animal star really held their own? Which pig will do?

Audience: People who like movies and jokes and debating things that don’t matter.

If you have a podcast idea that you’d like to see me turn into a Podcast Idea, send it my way! rose.eveleth@protonmail.com, or just reply to this email.

Bonus Podcast From Twitter

* Hosts and guests have not signed on in any way. I’m making stuff up here!

** This newsletter is for fun. Ideas belong to their initial creator, credited here as Executive Producer. Don’t be a dick and don’t steal these ideas. If you love a show, and really want to get it made, get in touch with the person who came up with it.

Long live independent podcasts. Long live bad ideas.