Podcast Idea: Advice For And From The Future

And advice show, about the future

Description: Okay, I’m cheating here because this isn’t just a podcast idea, it’s a real podcast that I really just launched today and I’m hoping you subscribers have built up enough good will to humor me on this? So here’s the pitch: Should I follow my boyfriend to Mars? Can I ask my friend to turn off her Alexa when I come over? Is it okay to have kids? You have questions for and from the future, and your resident futurologist Rose Eveleth (that’s me) has answers. With the help of experts, time travelers, musicians, and even a few inanimate objects we’ll tackle all your questions for and from the future. By the end, you’ll be ever so slightly better prepared for what’s to come.

Host: Rose Eveleth

Executive Producer: Rose Eveleth

Comps: Dear Sugars meets Everything Is Alive meets Flash Forward

Sample Episode 1: What happens when your partner wants to flee this planet, and you want to stay? Is wanting to go to Mars basically saying you want to break up? Can you have a long, long, long distance relationship? Is a five-year date a terrible idea? To answer this interplanetary conundrum, Rose calls up Andrea Silenzi, host and creator of the dating podcast Why Oh Why. Plus, an original song by the Song Salad team! (This episode is up now!)

Sample Episode 2: How can I tell when something online is fake? We all want to do our part to curb the spread of fake news, but when information is rushing like a fire hose, how do you even tell? With the help of a professional debunker, a virologist, and an AI body double, Rose explores the do’s and don’ts of sharing stuff on the internet. Tip: sharks are almost never swimming in the streets or subways systems.

Audience: You! Please subscribe? Is this embarrassingly desperate?

If you have a podcast idea that you’d like to see me turn into a Podcast Idea, send it my way! rose.eveleth@protonmail.com, or just reply to this email.

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Long live independent podcasts. Long live bad ideas.